An Overview Of Mike Matei's "Minecraft With Gadget"

Michael "Mike" Matei is an executive producer for Cinemassacre Productions. While choosing what game to review, the Nerd briefly looks at the infamous E.T., but then passes by. Although the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde review was intended to be the last, Rolfe's friends, who enjoyed the previous Bad NES games” reviews, encouraged him to create another.

Sure, The Angry Video Game Nerd acts kind of childish and screams obscenities over a stupid video game, but when Mike is acting himself and not within a character it just comes off as awkward and somewhat sad. When he asked them to step up, clearly they were willing to." Fellow filmmaker and internet celebrity Doug Walker dubbed the Nerd as the "Greatest Video Game Critic of All Time".

Thanks for taking the time to talk to Nintendo Enthusiast, Mike. The Angry Video Game Nerd show has a cult following, and made James Rolfe one of the most popular internet celebrities before the advent of YouTube. Mike mega man 2 was my first favourite game. The video covers a number of games including Streets of Rage 2 and X-Men.

The UI of megaman games is very simplistic mainly because of the hardware limitations (The hardware can only display 8 sprites per scanline for the people who doesn't know!) so i think changing costume is a clever move. In September 24, 2008, Rolfe collaborated with another famous internet reviewer Doug Walker, to create a fictional feud between the two's most famous characters; the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic.

The point of the Zelda games is to explore and figure out puzzles. He named it "JamesNintendoNerd", since at that point they were undecided on the show's official title (this was before the name "Angry Video Game Nerd" existed). I love the Protoman mode in 9, and Protoman and Bass in 10. I also liked the extra levels” in 10 to get you some extra weapons to toy around with while playing through the game.

Him and James have their own series, James and Mike Mondays , where they review various types of video games. Years later, we were working on an AVGN episode called Game Glitches”. Sorry, no info about the next episode of The Angry Video Mike Matei Game Nerd is available yet.

I always thought the reason people complain about this game's difficulty was because games today are too easy compared to games from the NES era. The next thing that happened was James told me he was going to Hollywood to film the AVGN movie. Once he showed me that video, I instantly told him that he should do more board game related videos because I saw the same sort of potential with Board James that I saw with the Nerd.

Now that time has passed, you do appear on camera for segments such as James and Mike Mondays as well as your own personal reviews for games and other media. Mike: Monster Madness is my favorite series we do on Cinemassacre. The success of the show made Rolfe branch out into other gaming systems, and would later change the title into the Angry Video Game Nerd to prevent trademark issues with Nintendo.

The AVGN reviews the Sega 32X system and the games Primal Rage(Sega 32X), Doom(Sega 32X), Virtua Fighter(Sega 32X), Star Wars Arcade(Sega 32X). You should consider doing a review on Nintendo Land, Mike. While being a fan of the first two Double Dragon games, Double Dragon 3 is the one that the Nerd despises.

These guests often provide additional commentary on the games, mock the Nerd's anguish, and act as parodies of the characters from which they had been derived. James Rolfe, being the movie fan that he is used practical effects for pretty much the whole movie and only seems to turn to CG when it is really needed.

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